Call for Affiliations between EuGeStA and the Women’s Classical Caucus

As the members of EuGeStA are eager to create new relationships and strengthen existing ties with North American classicists engaged in research on gender in the ancient Greco-Roman world and in the reception of classical antiquity, they propose several ways for Women’s Classical Caucus members to affiliate with EuGeStA :

  • by listing their names and email addresses, along with a brief description of their research interests, in the EuGeStA roster of « Associated Members »
  • by including their publications in the EuGeStA « Bibliography »
  • by participating in EuGeStA publication projects by submitting articles and book reviews
  • by providing links to their own individual and departmental webpages, as well as to other relevant North American university websites, in the EuGeStA « Connections » section

All of these avenues for affiliation with EuGeStA aim at promoting interactions and instituting multiple modes of communication among scholars on both sides of the Atlantic who study gender in classical antiquity. It is hoped that affiliates will join EuGeStA members in :

  • editing and refereeing articles submitted to European and North American classical journals that deal with aspects of gender
  • contributing to collections of essays and co-edited volumes on gender and its representation in the Greco-Roman world
  • sharing new research relevant to the study of ancient Greek and Roman gender by participating in international conferences
  • facilitating collaborations among scholars in Europe and North America with similar research interests, especially in response to invitations and calls for papers
  • hosting and sponsoring graduate students from other countries undertaking research on gender-related topics in the field of classics
  • extending invitations for visiting professorships, of varying time periods, to classicists from other countries who work on gender-related topics.