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  • EuGeStA conference “Identités, Ethnicités et genre dans l’Antiquité”
    organized by Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Florence Klein
    29 November-1st December 2018 – Lille
    Programme (pdf)
  • EuGeStA conference “Women and Objects“
    organized by Henriette Harich-Schwarbauer
    9-11 October 2017 – Basel
    Read more (pdf)
  • EuGeStA conference “Political Cultures, Erotic Cultures, Gendered Politics in Ancient Societies
    organized by Giulia Sissa
    11-13 January 2016 – UCLA
    Read more (pdf)
  • EuGeStA conference “Motherhood in Antiquity
    organized by Alison Sharrock
    8-9 April 2014 – University of Manchester
    Event page on The University of Manchester website.
  • EuGeStA conference “Sex and gender: questions of language
    organized by Jacqueline Fabre-Serris
    26-27 October 2012 – Fondation Hardt
    Read more (pdf) –  program (pdf)
  •  EuGeStA conference “Femmes et guerre dans l’Antiquité: la perspective féminine/ Women and War: the female perspective” 
    organized by Jacqueline Fabre-Serris
    3-5 December 2009 – University of Lille 3
    Read more (pdf)
    The conference has been edited in 2015: Women & War in Antiquity, edited by Jacqueline Fabre-Serris & Alison Keith, Johns Hopkins University Presse, Baltimore


  • Visions. Feminism and Classics VII – EuGeStA Panel: Through Women’s Eyes: Female Vision in Elegiac and Epic Poetry
    May 19-22, 2016 – University of Washington
    > Download the program (pdf)
  • Classics and the new faces of feminism sandpit – Panel EuGeStA: New Perspectives, Theories and Practices
    January, 31, 2015 – London, Royal Holloway, Institute of Classical Studies
    > Download the program (pdf)
  • Classical Association Of The Atlantic States – Panel EuGeStA : Fostering Research on Gender in Antiquity Across International Boundaries
    October, 9-11, 2014
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  • Annual Meeting American Philological Association – EuGeStA Workshop : Theories and Practices in North American and European Gender Studies in Antiquity : Why and How We Need to Collaborate 
    2-5 Janvier 2014 Chicago